Botox and Dysport are well-known treatments used to reduce facial wrinkles and it has been used successfully for many years.

Both products relax muscle tissue and prevent it from responding to the nerve impulses that control muscle contraction.

Repeated muscle contraction is the cause of those wrinkles that so many people want to eliminate. Over time, smiling and squinting result in crows’ feet around your eyes, frowning creates lines between your brows and raising your eyebrows etches forehead lines. 
Dysport and Botox reduces the appearance of these lines; with regular upkeep and visits to certified injection specialists. With a focus on a natural-looking anti-aging results, you will look rejuvenated and more youthful.
In 2009, the (FDA) Food and Drug Administration approved Dysport to enter the United States since Dysport had the same benefits as Botox.  Dysport has been used in Europe for well over a decade as a popular Botox alternative.
Dysport  has gained popularity as a wrinkle reduction treatment to the point where many patients now request it by name.
Dysport is better for Crows’ feet and larger treatment areas and Botox is well known to treat smaller areas in the face.
One unit of Botox is equivalent to 3 units of Dysport. For example: 30 units of Botox is equivalent to 90 units of Dysport. At the end, both have the same cost and they are both amazing to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles.  

What is Restylane?
Restylane is FDA-approved dermal filler made of a biodegradable, non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA).

As we age our skin starts to lose Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid production, making the elasticity of our skin appear with less fullness around the lips and cheek areas creating droopiness and a less youthful appearance.

As we get older molecules in our skin lose some of their ability to bind and retain water. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance in the skin and is a natural substance found in all living organisms and provides volume and fullness to the skin.

Restylane Defyne is injectable filler used to treat moderate to severe, deep "laugh lines" around the mouth. Results last up to 12 months.

Restylane Refyne may be used for less severe nasolabial folds, also known as laugh lines. Results last up to 12 months.

We also have Restylane Lyft , Restylane Silk, and Restylane Regular.